LAO PDR is still a high risk of the next COVID-19 outbreak

The Prime Minister’s Office issued an urgent announcement on August 7, calling on all parties, including ethnic rulers across the country, to take steps to prevent, control, prevent and tackle epidemics and epidemics. The main body of the announcement is: Entrusted by the Ministry of Public Security, in collaboration with local authorities, to intensify immigration control in the event of illegal immigration to be inspected and quarantined at designated centers in the state; and Take relevant legal and regulatory measures and notify the public. Entrusted to the Ministry of Security together with the provincial capitals nationwide and related agencies to monitor the shops, entertainment venues, karaoke and gaming shops The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, together with the Kowit-19 Task Force and other relevant agencies, should prepare for the further implementation of the green channel to Vietnam and the People’s Republic of China. Agencies, local authorities and stakeholders should continue to increase public relations and perceptions of the dangers and risks of disease recurrence.

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