Each year more than 1,000 people are infected with HIV.

At the 2020 National HIV Committee Meeting, Assoc. We face many problems and budget problems in response to HIV. AIDS also has many challenges as immigrants have. HIV infection risk Each year more than 1,000 people are infected. Men who have sex with men are highly transmitted. From mother to child, the tendency is higher.Fluid blood is found to be inadequate with HIV, HIV and AIDS infected people, lack of testing and medication is discontinued and is often caused by a Clovis is difficult and the budget for health services and medicines is required each year to more than 7,000 ARV therapies. However, we still have many challenges to overcome to increase leadership, coordination, AIDS coordination in the plan. However, in difficult financial conditions, may all of our AIDS be a scheme, not for someone to ask you. We are a leader in discrimination and stigmatization of people living with HIV and have responded seriously otherwise we will encounter problems in the future.

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